Item Number:M351



G.WT:20.0 KGS

Unit Size:10-5/8"*10-3/8"*26"



Theme Effect:Iron flower, silver/gold willow, silver crackling/Color flame, color pearl, crackling flower./Silver spring

Color:Red, green, blue, yellow, gold, silver/Purple, white, red, gold, green, yellow/Silver, red, green, blue, purple


Display Angle:N/A

Cool off with a cold one! Bring your own fountain from this garage fridge. Enjoy the party with these Beer, Cola, soda, pop and Ice cream cone fountains. This fridge consists of 16 pcs of ice cream cones(handheld), 12 pcs of can shaped fountains and 16 pcs of beer shaped fountains. There is no other like it. M350:3 assorted pcs. Cola: Gold spring with red crater; gold willow wih red; gold silk chry.with red Soda: Silver spring with green crater; silver willow with red and green; crackling flower with yellow Pop: Iron flower with blue; chry. with blue and yellow; silver crackling flower with blue M349: 4 assorted pcs. A: Green flame/yellow strobe with green/white chry.with green and yellow B: purple flame/snow pine with purple/crackling flower with purple C: gold flame/gold spring with orange/silver chry.with orange. D: Red flame/gold chry.with red/Ti-crackling with red. M359: 4 assorted pcs. A: Silver spring with red pistil, B: silver spring with green pistil C: silver spring with blue pistil, D: silver spring with purple pistil

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