Miracle Fireworks associates are happy to help you design the perfect fireworks show for your budget, and our website makes it easy for you to watch videos and choose your favorites. But if you’re wondering where to start, here is a good way to assemble a top quality backyard show:
Party Starters:
Choose some classic fireworks and novelties like Roman candles, helicopters, rockets and firecrackers.
Opening Acts:
Get your crowd’s attention with some of our whistling, crackling fountains.
Take it to the Next Level:
Shoot some of our medium and large 200 gram aerial repeaters. They offer great performance in a small, affordable package.
Call in the Artillery:
Use a steady barrage of re-loadable mortars and single shot tubes to keep the sky filled with eye popping bursts of noise and color.
The Main Event:
Use some of our 500 gram cakes as the main event for your show.  Choose a good mix of colors and effects.
Bring Out the Big Guns:
Add some power to your grand finale. Our professional – style racks are loaded with three inch shells. With jaw-dropping effects and massive breaks, these racks are the closest thing you can get to professional fireworks.
Don’t forget the extras that make your show complete! Pick up some sparklers, snappers, glow sticks and 3D glasses for the kids. Make sure you have plenty of safety fuse to choreograph your show, and use our Giant Punk sticks to light your fireworks.